Service Packages

Deanna Ramsey CPA offers service packages based on the following levels of monthly income:

Monthly Revenue <$8K $350 Monthly Fee
Monthly Revenue Between $8K-$20K $475 Monthly Fee
Monthly Revenue Between $20K-$50K $600 Monthly Fee
Monthly Revenue Between $50K-$100K $800 Monthly Fee
Monthly Revenue Greater Than $100K $900 Monthly Fee Includes Full Service Payroll at no Extra Charge

The following services are included in all packages:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Minimal Invoicing (Up to 50 Invoices Per Month)
  • Insurance and General Liability Audit Assistance
  • 1099 Filing
  • Document Management
  • Business Tax Return Planning/Preparation/Vault
  • Secretary of State Annual Filing
  • Local Tax Calculations

Additional premium services available for purchase are as follows:

  • Unlimited Additional Invoicing for $250 per month
  • New Business Setup for $400
  • Payroll-Monthly fee varies, inquire for a quote. Payroll is automatically included in the Mega Enterprise Package at no additional charge.
  • Specialty Business Reports (Prospectus, EBITDA, Tax Analysis, etc.) for $250

Service Definitions


           How many times a day do you use your debit card?  Your credit card?  What about checks?  Every single transaction that a company makes must be entered and categorized.  Without this, we simply cannot create financial statements, tax returns, or any other financial document.  This is the backbone of what we do for our clients.  It is a very time-consuming process.  It must be 100% accurate and in full compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  Why use us?  Experience.  Our staff have more than 100 years cumulative experience in bookkeeping and accounting.

Bank Reconciliation

          In our digital age the concept of Bank Reconciliation can seem old fashioned.  Why bother taking the time to match your bank statement to your books?  Isn’t the bank correct?  Well, no.  Not always.  Mistakes can happen.  Fraud is rampant.  Reconciling is the process all accountants use to ensure that nothing is missed, and everything totals correctly.  It is pivotal to accurate bookkeeping.  Every Month.  Every Bank Account.  Every Client.  We reconcile everything.

Financial Statement Prep

          Financial Statements provide detailed information about the strength and longevity of every business.  We prepare Income Statements (Profit/Loss), Balance Sheets, Statements of Equity, and Cash Flow Statements for our clients.  All Financial Statements are prepared in full compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Sales Tax Reporting

          Interstate commerce has made sales tax more complicated than ever.  Each state has its own unique laws governing sales tax.  Calculating and submitting the correct sales tax forms is complicated and time consuming.  This is a service we is part of the monthly bookkeeping service packages.

Minimal Invoicing (Up to 50 Invoices Per Month)

          Everyone is familiar with the need to differentiate between different expenses.  Did you know you could do the same thing with your income?  We do this through a process called Invoicing.  Using invoices, we specifically detail every single sale that a company has.  All service packages include up to 50 invoices per month.  If your company needs more than that, we suggest adding our unlimited invoicing package.

Insurance and General Liability Audit Assistance

          Every year, every business undergoes an Insurance Audit.  These audits require a lot of financial information.  Since we work closely with your company’s books year-round, we are often asked to help mediate in these audits. We are there to supply financials and answer any financial questions your insurance auditor has.

1099 Filing

          The Internal Revenue Service requires businesses to issue a 1099 to certain vendors who were paid more than $599 during the year.  Failure to do this will incur a penalty of $500 per 1099 you did not send.  Do you know who should be getting a 1099?  Every year, we will notify you of which vendors you need to contact for their 1099 information.  We will also create and issue these forms on your behalf.

Document Management

          How should I organize my paperwork?  This is the most common question we are asked in this firm.  When you purchase a monthly service package you don’t have to worry about it.  Not only do we keep digital copies of all your documents.  We also organize them for you.  When you receive your completed business tax return, you will also receive a binder containing all your supporting documents for the year.  It is organized, and easy to store.  No more shoeboxes!!

Business Tax Return Preparation

          Businesses are generally required to file a separate tax return from the owner’s return.  We will file your annual federal, state, and local income tax returns for your Partnership, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation as part of your monthly service package.

Year End Tax Planning

          Nobody likes a surprise tax bill.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will not owe taxes.  But we can help you plan for them.  Toward the end of every year, we offer our clients a “what if” picture of their upcoming tax return.  By offering this snapshot, we enable you to make informed financial decisions PRIOR to the end of the year.

Tax Return Vault

          We always encourage our clients to keep copies of their tax returns.  However, life happens.  And when it does, we have your back.  We keep digital copies of your business tax returns for seven years.  We also keep digital copies of the documents used to create that tax return.

Secretary of State Annual Report Filing

          When a company is first created, it is registered with the Secretary of State’s office.  Every year after that the company is required to file an annual report.  This report is how you update your company information with the Secretary of State.  If a company does not do this, they will be administratively dissolved.  Filing this report is the most common thing that business owners forget, and it is a costly mistake.  We take the stress off our clients by doing the filing ourselves.  Its just another way we help your business flourish.

Local Tax Calculations

          Businesses can be required to make quarterly estimated payments to various local taxing authorities. (LFUCG, Louisville-metro, etc.)  We will calculate these quarterly payments and advise you of the due date so that these are paid on time. If you prefer, we will submit these payments on your behalf.  It’s just one more thing you don’t have to think about!

Unlimited Additional Invoicing for $250 Per Month

            Invoicing can be as simple as splitting Materials from Services.  Or it can be as complicated as real-time tracking of individual items sold.  Detailed invoicing affects your income, expenses, inventory, and sales tax.  This is a time-consuming process, and it is vital to so many parts of your company.  Our unlimited additional invoicing package is specifically designed for those companies which have a large retail business and issue many invoices per month.


New Business Setup for $400

          Got a brilliant idea for a new business venture?  Great!  But what now?  Our firm has always specialized in helping new companies.  We can help you decide the correct type of business entity.  With our New Business Setup service we create, organize, and register your new company with all the necessary agencies.  We also help you get your multiple tax accounts set up.  Finally, we will educate you on the steps necessary to keep your company in compliance with all applicable agencies.

Payroll Starting at $150 Per Month

          Payroll is complicated and we help our companies stay in compliance with all payroll laws at all taxing levels.  There are dozens of forms that each employee must complete.  On top of that, withholding rates change constantly.  Which is why we are here to help.  We will prepare and file all the necessary paperwork.  We offer direct deposit and tax escrow for our payroll clients.  When you purchase our payroll package, you ensure your employees are paid on time and your company’s payroll taxes will be filled and paid timely.  Mega Enterprise Package includes payroll processing.

Specialty Business Reports for $250

          Do you need an EBITDA report?  Do you need in depth tax analysis?  Perhaps you need to forecast future earnings?  Whatever it is, we are happy to help.  We can create the specialty reports you need. Just ask!